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Past Productions

Explore the history of Next Generation Arts Council by clicking on each of our past productions!

March 8-17, 2024

Seussical the Musical, JR. revolves around a curious child named JoJo and Horton the Elephant, a kind-hearted and loyal creature who hears a small speck of dust speaking to him. This speck of dust is actually the home of the Whos, a tiny civilization living on a clover.  Horton vows to protect the Whos, even though he is ridiculed and doubted by the other inhabitants of the Jungle of Nool, while JoJo learns about the power of friendship, collaboration and imagination.

Next Generation presents "She Loves Me"
Januray 6th, 2024

She Loves Me is a familiar tale of love, friendships, upended expectations, and miscommunications among colleagues in a small shop in tough economic times. It asks profound questions about our place in the universe while celebrating the very ordinary encounters and tasks that make up our daily activities and gives life meaning. 

Disney's The Lion King, JR.

November 15th-17th, 2019

"The Lion King" follows Simba, a young lion cub, on a transformative journey from carefree cubhood to reclaiming his rightful place as king of the Pride Lands. Filled with friendship, challenges, and the wisdom of the circle of life, this iconic tale showcases the enduring power of courage and destiny.

The Lion King JR.
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