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At Next Generation Arts Council, we believe in providing the community with high-quality shows and performances that truly make an impact. We’ve produced and hosted a wide range of theatrical events over recent years that allow our outstanding group of award-winning young performers unique opportunities to retell beloved stories to new audiences. Come see what we’re all about, and start your theatre experience with us today!


Our Values

What we strive for.



We will train the next generation of performing artists (get it?). Whether your dream is to be onstage or behind the scenes, we will connect you to training of industry standards that take young performers far on their path.



Everyone should be able to pursue their passions. Next Generation makes a conscious effort to include students of all backgrounds. Additionally, no student will ever be asked to pay tuition to participate in a production.



Next Generation Arts Council will always strive to take the unhealthy competition out of theatrical arts. Every audition, every rehearsal, and every performance is a collaboration among respected individuals.



Passion serves as the driving force behind individual and collective achievement, infusing endeavors with dedication, enthusiasm, and a profound sense of purpose. If you're at Next Generation, your passions are being fueled.


Quality Productions for Family Audiences

Looking for a place to catch the best shows and productions? Next Generation Arts Council is a leading Performing Arts Group that has been dazzling audiences with magical productions since 2018. Whether you’re looking to laugh, cry, or for some good old entertainment, Next Generation Arts Council is best bet for a nice night out for the whole family. We’ve got something for everyone to enjoy here, including top of the line productions at very reasonable prices. Swing by today and prepare to be entertained!

We feature a wide range of D.C. area performers. From award-winning artists to performers auditioning for their first musical, everyone is welcome at Next Generation Arts Council. We provide an environment where actors, singers, and dancers ages 8-20 of all skill levels and backgrounds can thrive and learn.

Mary Poppins Jr.
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